About Us

The founders of Rhino Shield began their careers working as home improvement contractors in Florida, an area known for its exceptionally harsh weather. Hurricanes, high humidity and heat, and salt content in the air made the field of home improvement quite difficult. Throughout their years working as contractors, they applied many different types of house coatings and paints, including top-rated national brands.

They were one of the “good guy” contractors, the kind of company that actually went back and took care of customers, fixing issues with the paints and coatings they applied as problems occurred. Since their customers were having so much difficulty with the upkeep of the house paint, the contractors hired a chemist to look further into the problem.

When the chemist began to break down the paints, he noticed that they were made mostly of cheap fillers. He explained to the contractors that, with so many fillers, the paints were destined to break down within a few years.

The chemist suggested developing a coating with no fillers, less water and more solids. He explained that in a paint or coating, after the water evaporates you are left with only the solids. In the best scenario, if the solids are resins, pigments and ceramics that are active parts of the coating, then you have a coating that won’t break down like traditional paints.

So they developed what was later to be called “Rhino Shield”. After their initial successes with the product, they wanted to improve it further. So they decided to add superior ceramic microspheres to make Rhino Shield perform better.

Over the last ten years, Rhino Shield has spread throughout the country with dealers in almost every state. Rhino Shield Gulf South serves Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Colorado, Washington State, Oregon, and Washington D.C.

Based on its outstanding customer service and annual performance, Rhino Shield Gulf South was named National Dealer of the Year in 2009. Rhino Shield Gulf South is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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