What is Rhino Shield?

RHINO-SHIELD CERAMIC COATING – The Ultimate "Paint" Job When it comes to outdoor paint, you can either choose a traditional exterior paint that will need frequent maintenance and touching up, or you can choose Rhino Shield’s ceramic paint alternative. It is a 100% acrylic waterborne high-build formula that weatherproofs, insulates, and soundproofs your home. Rhino Shield ceramic paint alternative is made of small microspheres that tightly adhere to each other and to the surface of your house, forming a barrier between the interior of your home and the elements outside. Rhino Shield stands above its outdoor paint competitors, offering superior insulation ability, resistance to weathering, and protection from mold and mildew. Rhino Shield is also fire resistant, scoring a Class “A” rating in lab tests. Rhino Shield ceramic paint alternative is completely maintenance free, and will last much longer than any traditional house paint.

Imagine the Possibilities

✔ Increases Value of Your Home
✔ No More Frequent Repainting
✔ Lab-Tested and Proven
✔ Prevents Expensive Maintenance
✔ No Hassle
✔ 25 Year Warranty
✔ Professional Installation
✔ Thorough Preparation
✔ Add Beauty to Your Home

The Product of the Future

✔ Beautiful, Natural Appearance
✔ Class A Fire Rating
✔ Resists Fading
✔ UV Protection
✔ Available in Any Color
✔ Bonds Permanently
✔ Durable
✔ Gas Permeable
✔ Flexible; Won't Chip & Crack


Ceramic Micropheres

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