Rhino Shield Process

If you’re wondering about the process of installing a ceramic coating to your home, don’t worry. Our professional painting contractors will answer all your questions and show you every step involved in the ceramic coating process. We want you to be completely comfortable about our services, so ourpainting contractors will explain the whole process and the materials that will be used. Your home will become something you can brag about as its value climbs higher and higher. An overview of our process is as follows:

Summary of Steps: Residential and Commercial

Summary of Steps on:

  • Stucco
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Hardie Plank
  • Brick
  • Steel

  1. Crew chief inspects the home with the homeowner to clarify color choice, color locations, and what to do and expect.
  1. Pressure wash the home on ALL substrates to remove dirt, mold & mildew
  1. Repair/Replace damaged "substrate"
  1. Feather sand to remove old paint in areas that are peeling or flaking
  1. Caulk/seal in appropriate areas
  1. Approval from owner of prep work before application of product
  1. Application of a priming coat to seal the surface
  1. Apply ceramic coating
  1. Touch up/ clean up
  1. Final inspection and approval from home or business owner


Why Priming is so Important

All indoor and outdoor paints contained lead until the late 1970s. The lead was used as a bonding agent to hold the paint to your home like glue. However, as lead-based paints are no longer used today, modern paints lack the ability to truly bond to the surface of your home. That’s why primer is so important. The primer acts as a glue, ensuring that the paint will bond to the home’s surface.

Proof of the importance of primer can be found on any can of paint. The paint’s guarantee is valid only if primer is applied to all surfaces before painting them, and if 2 coats of paint are applied.

Many Gulf South house painters today will merely spot-prime your home before painting it, neglecting much of the surface of the house. Some will even skip the second coat of paint after applying a thick first coat, telling you that it’s enough. Maybe it was enough with lead-based paints, but not anymore. At Rhino Shield, our house painters will carefully apply a special primer to ALL surfaces of your home that will be coated. This will act to bond the ceramic product to your home’s exterior and to create a protective seal.

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